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If you prefer customization options, you’ll love this wine club. Winc is a personalized wine club that delivers exotic wines from a diverse range of grape varietals. Besides access to a wide variety of wine choices from around the world, subscribers can take advantage of this club’s especially affordable rates. This is why some sommeliers often refer to this club as the ‘Netflix of Wine’. 

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Written by:Casey Newton

Offering a flexible way to make your monthly wine purchases, Winc has a box for every palate and budget. This club aims and strives to make exclusive wines accessible. Begun as W in 2012 and rebranded to Winc in 2014, this club eliminates the middlemen and produces artisanal wines for members on its own to offer eye-popping discounts. 

Select from reds, whites, cider, sparkling, Rosé, and vegan wines here to benefit from free shipping. Alternatively, the club’s AI-triggered multiple-choice questionnaire is designed to find the right wines that pair well with your taste preferences and automatically send them without fail. 

Read on to uncover how Winc works, the cost of signing up, the variety of wines, and what makes their membership plans special.

How The Club Works

While a typical wine club offers you a wide range of wines within a click, Winc offers a state-of-the-art system that’s capable of deciphering the perfect bottles based on your palate choices. 

  • You can get started with its six-part multiple-choice-questions that assesses the way you like your coffee, salt, citrus, earthy flavors, berries, and choice of wine (all red, mostly red, all white, mostly white, or a mix of red and white wines)

  • Add/eliminate to the above box or select your wine by type, degree of sweetness, or six varietals from under the ‘Wines’ tab 

  • Complete your order to receive your wine box per choice with food pairings. You can rate the wines with every order to help Winc’s AI adapt to your tasting preferences in the future

  • If you’re unavailable for a monthly delivery, use the ‘skip a month’ feature for zero additional charges

How Much Does It Cost?

The membership fee for Winc is zero as there are no specific membership plans available. However, you’ll be charged for wines around $59.95 every month unless you cancel or skip any order. Members can choose wines from the price range of $13 to $45. Keep in mind that if you don’t choose your monthly box, Winc will automatically send you three bottles for $39 plus a $9 shipping fee. 

  • The two membership programs are Featured and Select. The former plan sends you wines costing around $13 per bottle and the latter in the $14 to $34 per bottle price range.  Additionally, save 10% on costs when you buy more than 12 bottles at a time

  • There are two types of credits on this club: Membership and Referral. The former is circled around savings on your wine purchases while the latter gives you credits when friends, family, or colleagues you refer make purchases on Winc

  • Interested people can send Winc gift cards or wine-related gift boxes to near and dear ones too

What Wines Are Available?

Featuring over 200 wines, Winc is a reputable club that donates 1% of its profits to environmental charities. Here are the filters you can use to select the right wine for the month via this club:

  • Many types of wine including reds, whites, cider, Rosé, vegan, and sparkling wine are available here

  • Varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are featured on this club

  • Sweetness filters such as sweet, semi-sweet, and dry make it easy to pick the right bottle

  • Wine regions spotlighted include California in addition to Argentina, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain

  • Eco-friendly and vegan wines are available if that’s your preference

What Benefits Will You Enjoy With Membership?

Besides the in-depth Wine Journal that new members obtain, here are the other perks of signing up for the monthly membership option through this club.


Designed for wine lovers of all experience levels, Winc is known for its range of affordable wines that are rare and exclusive. 

Although it offers no independent membership plans, you can select from wines within the price range of $13 to $45. Its palate profiling questionnaire can help you figure out the right wine each month based on your tasting preferences in relation to other flavor profiles like coffee, citrus, earthy, and berries. 

You can also select wines independently by wine type, varietal, and degree of sweetness. Whichever method you choose to register, you can ‘skip a month’ or earn rewards by referring to friends and family on this club, heightening the value-added offerings of this exceptional wine club.