Firstleaf Wine Club Review

A subscription-model wine club boasting over 50,000 loyal subscribers, Firstleaf is popular for ease of use. It offers a single membership plan where you can select from red, white, or rose wines originating from over 12 countries. The sheer size of its inventory, convenience, and affordability makes it one of the most sought-after wine clubs.

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Written by:Casey Newton

Conceived in 2016 by Philip James, this club uses a proprietary algorithm to decipher the palates of its users with the help of a 13-part questionnaire. It’s a club spearheaded by the mission of ‘grape to glass’. By employing a customer-centric model, this club eliminates the middlemen like distributors and retailers 

The personalization that characterizes this club is echoed by flexibility given members have the freedom to swap out wines they don’t like before the orders are shipped. Moreover, subscribers can tweak the delivery settings and preferences effortlessly through this club. 

Read on to uncover the step-by-step registration guide for Firstleaf including sign-up costs, gift card prices, membership benefits, and details about its outstanding wine curation practices. 

How The Club Works

Many wine clubs ship out selected wines with limited subscriber input regarding tasting preferences beyond red, white, or a mix of bottles. However, Firstleaf endeavors to ensure the wine you receive matches your own likes and dislikes thanks to the inclusion of its proprietary artificial intelligence technology. 

To begin ordering bottles through this club, be sure to handle the following:

  1. Users can sign up on Firstleaf by answering 13 questions on their wine preferences. These require you to select from white or red wine, degree of sweetness, taste choices, wine experience, and preferences in relation to food and drinks.Select the total wines you wish to receive from three options: two, three to four, or more than five
  2. Once the algorithm finishes interpreting your preferences, share your email and proceed to see the wines Firstleaf selected for your unique palate 
  3. Feel free to swap out bottles you dislike in a click before finalizing the order. One thing to consider is that members can only swap out bottles three times per order 
  4. Confirm your purchase and complete the order to receive exclusive wines tailored to your taste buds  
  5. Skip or cancel wine shipments by contacting the customer service team 

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike other clubs that have a range of membership options and tiers, there are no membership costs when joining Firstleaf and just one single plan. The most valuable part of this simplicity is the incredible savings of up to 67% off for new members. 

The following details the costs of wines and membership plans on this club:

  • Members receive six bottles at an introductory rate of $39.95 (worth $105.96) with free shipping. From the second month, the total bill will come to $90 at $15 per wine bottle. Keep in mind that missed deliveries incur restocking fees

  • Users can shop separately on the wine shop to select wines that range from $13.99 to $31.99 a bottle

  • Firstleaf also sells Featured Wine Bundles that highlights award-winning bottles. Some of the bundles are Summer Wines, 90+ Points Winners, Founder’s Favorites, and more that feature 12 bottles for between $139.95 to $149.95 a bundle

  • You can send gifts via this personalized wine club using eGift Cards in the range of $25 to $200. All you need to do is add the recipient and let them choose their wines directly through the club 

What Wines Are Available?

There are 205 wines available from this club with a collective history of winning over 1,440 awards. Even better, these wines have received over 500,000+ reviews. Combined with their expansive community of wine lovers, it’s easy to research and find the right wines through this club offering.  

In keeping with its spirit of excellence, Firstleaf selects merely 2% of wines from 10,000 bottles curated every year. Because of that, you’ll find nothing but elite bottles showcased throughout this offering. 

For a deeper look at the type of wines available on this club and where it comes from, read through some of the selection filters used to sort through the catalog of options. 

  • Color is the first filter-option available for sorting through wines on Firstleaf. You can select from red, white, or rose wines 

  • Select wines from over 12 countries. These include the United States, France, Austria, Australia, Spain, North Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and Portugal

  • Explore over seven grape varietals. These include Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Riesling


A ‘grape to glass’ wine club that cuts the middlemen out of the wine experience, Firstleaf is quite young but still a very formidable presence. You can sign up for two to six bottles of wine per month at the introductory rate of $39.95 by answering a 13-part questionnaire. The answers to these questions will be used to generate wine choices that you can modify later.  

Featuring over 200 wines that collectively won more than 1400 awards, Firstleaf offers 100% refunds owing to its ironclad algorithm. The club offers the freedom to swap bottles, skip and cancel shipments, and even modify membership frequency. 

Combined with huge savings and convenience, this wine club is a perfect match for beginners and sommeliers alike.