Bright Cellars Review

Technology is finding its way to new and exciting corners of our life daily, and wine is no exception. In keeping with changing trends, Bright Cellars is popular owing to its proprietary algorithm that matches you with four perfect wines every month. Well-suited for wine enthusiasts and sommeliers, the best thing about this wine club is you can enjoy domestic and international wines in one place.

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Written by:Casey Newton

Bright Cellars is a subscription wine box that determines unique wines with a seven-part questionnaire based on individual tastes. Serving wine aficionados across the US with the help of UPS and FedEx, the club even makes its own wines under the name Bright Cellars Exclusive. It was founded by MIT graduates in 2015 with the objective of bringing accurate recommendations regardless of a subscriber’s knowledge of wine. 

Although you can’t buy single bottles randomly without getting matched by the system, Bright Cellars offers a unique level of personalized wine recommendations unlike its competitors. Read on to learn how to register in addition to its membership costs, gift packages, variety of wines, and the top benefits of signing up right away.

How The Club Works

Unlike wine clubs that feature multiple membership plans, Bright Cellars offers a singular plan that utilizes artificial intelligence to design a custom membership plan for every new registrant. 

Here’s how this club takes the headache out of finding the right bottle:

1. Get started with the seven-part quiz on your favorite chocolate, tea, choice of drink after wine, fruit juice, wine pairing, how adventurous you’re with wine, and whether you want strictly reds, whites, or mixed boxes 

2. You’ll be matched with four wines based on your answers, which can be changed if you’re dissatisfied with the algorithm recommendations 

3. Confirm the details and complete the payment to receive the perfect box of wines with tasting notes. Remember to rate the wines based on your experience to help the AI send you better wines in the future

4. You can skip monthly orders when you’re unavailable to receive the delivery by contacting the wine concierge at Bright Cellars 

How Much Does It Cost?

Featuring a single customized membership plan based on answers to a taste-capturing AI-questionnaire, Bright Cellars offers affordable access to unique wines. Members receive four bottles for $20 per bottle plus $8 shipping fee for a total of $88 plus tax. 

  • Members can choose from reds, whites, or mixed boxes with monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual delivery intervals

  • In addition to redeemable points for members, Bright Cellars offers a referral reward system where you can earn points from wine purchases completed by friends or family via your referral link 

  • Members can send wine gifts of six bottles per month at $100. Alternatively, you can buy gift cards of $200, $300, $600 or $1200 to let the recipient select wines that suit their own palate. You can also send a free digital email or paid physical cards by mail for $5 to $25 respectively to your loved one as gift messages

What Wines Are Available?

Called ‘The Pandora of Wine’, Bright Cellars is an innovative monthly wine subscription box with outstanding local and foreign wines unavailable elsewhere. In fact, only 50% of the wines tested pass the rigorous certification process to earn a place in the club’s offerings. 

Whether you’re new to the world of wines or a professional, picking the right bottle is a burden because you need to study each bottle and compare it to your own taste preferences before placing an order. Bright Cellars simplifies this process by selecting with the help of an AI-triggered palate profiling technique. 

Bright Cellars Exclusive is the line of wines from this club. It’s extraordinary because these wines are produced strictly based on the tasting and flavor analytics derived from the Bright Points algorithm used by thousands of its members.

While it’s hard to find a catalog of wine varieties on Bright Cellars site directly, you’ll be able to receive reds, whites, and Rosé wines from California in addition to Italy, South America, Spain, and Portugal through this club.


Bright Cellars cuts out the hassle of researching the blue ocean of bottles to find the right wine for your palate. It does so by using a seven-part questionnaire powered by a proprietary algorithm that compares and scores different bottles based on your taste preferences. 

You can sign up for a wine subscription at $88 plus tax for intervals such as every month, bi-monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or once a year. Referral and reward points make this club especially relevant for those drinkers seeking extra savings and benefits.

Known for its domestic and international selection of reds, whites, and Rosés, this wine club subscription comes with the delight guarantee that wine connoisseurs and newcomers need to feel comfortable and confident in every purchase.